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Use Bioklenz! Why?


Here are just a few reasons to help you and your business.


The presence of water within a vehicles fuel system is a serious problem because:-


— Water causes corrosion of fuel system components (fuel pumps, injector pumps and fuel lines)

— Water accelerates the growth of microbe colonies (Diesel Bug), which can clog up the whole fuel system. Very expensive!


Bioklenz works to:

Immediately emulsifies water within the fuel tank

Provide protection against fuel system corrosion

Disperse and prevent various type of water based bacterial contamination

Clean and reduce deposits on fuel injectors, manifolds and intake valves

Lubricate fuel system components

Improve fuel economy, power and reduces emissions


Bioklenz is:

Detergent based and completely engine friendly

Suitable for petrol, diesel and bio-fuels

Conveniently supplied in 300ml bottles, perfect for dosing a commercial vehicle tank.




We recommend that a bottle of Bioklenz (300ml) is dosed into the vehicle tank once every two weeks.


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